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Conference Programme

Conference chairperson: Richard Jones, Smart Cities Committee Chair, FTTH Council MENA

Delegates can download the presentations here with the username and password they received. The presentations can be found after the name of the speaker. When it states N.A. either no slides were used or we have no permission to disclose them.

Only conference delegates can download presentations.

10 November 2015

Delegates List

Find here the complete delegates list for the FTTH MENA 2015 Conference

Moderator:Delegates ListPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Delegates ListPresentation:DELEGATES_LIST_OMAN_2015.pdf
Presentations Day 1
Moderator:Presentations Day 1Presentation:N.A.
Speakers:Presentations Day 1Presentation:Day1_Oman.zip
Presentations Day 2
Moderator:Presentations Day 2Presentation:N.A.
Speakers:Presentations Day 2Presentation:Day2_Oman.zip
Opening ceremony and keynote speeches
Opening ceremony

His Excellency Dr Ahmed Al-Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications, will officially open the FTTH Council MENA 2015 Conference.

Keynote speeches
Speakers:Dr Salim Sultan Al Ruzaiqi, CEO Information Technology Authority OmanPresentation:N.A.
Ebrahim Al Haddad, Regional Director, Arab Regional Office, ITUPresentation:N.A.
Dr Suleiman Al-Hedaithy, Chairman FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Broadband National Strategies – The Edge of a Brighter Tomorrow
Broadband National Strategies – The Edge of a Brighter Tomorrow

Understanding the key business drivers and choices in developing a successful national broadband strategy is vital for decision makers.  
This session will discuss and show the best practices and success stories for an efficient and healthy economic development and consider how to choose the right strategy and business models to underpin this.

Moderator:Stefan Stanislawski, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Sheikh Talal Said Marhoon Al Mamari, OmantelPresentation:N.A.
Said Al-Mandhari, OBCPresentation:N.A.
Eng. Saoud Al-Shaoili, MOTC OmanPresentation:N.A.
Greg Young, OoredooPresentation:N.A.
Dr Suleiman Al-Hedaithy, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Coffee Break and Networking
The FTTH Business Case - The Role of Verticals in the Deployment
The FTTH Business Case the Financial and Deployment Models for Operator Success - leveraging Operators, Municipalities and Utilities in the cutting edge technology deployment and network sharing

Achieving a business case for FTTH is challenging and finding the right balance for fibre in the overall telecoms infrastructure is the key for many operators.
This part will examine the different aspects of the business case as well as how this can be financed - The role of verticals in a deployment -  Coordinating and overcoming the challenges of an integrated approach to delivering broadband while maximising the use of state and shared assets and other opportunities with utility companies

Moderator:Gamal Hegazi, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Majid Al-Kharoosi, OBC OmanPresentation:Majid_Al-Kharoosi_OBC.pdf
Dr. Eng. Ahmed Salman Al-Sulaiti, Qnbn QatarPresentation:Ahmed_Al-Sulaiti_Qnbn.pdf
Dr Karim Taga, Arthur D. LittlePresentation:Karim_Taga_Arthur_D_Little.pdf
Best Regulatory Models - Sustainable FTTH Market
Best Regulatory Models for Existing Markets and Service Providers for Open and Last Mile Access.

Once a national broadband network is built, it is important to create directives and initiatives to protect the current and future investment and sustain the business model and market. 
This section will show the best practices and studies to ensure a fair FTTH market on national level with equal access and quality of service for all as well as empowering the socioeconomic benefits and creation of potential private-public partnerships.

Moderator:Dr Safa Nassereldin, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Erik Whitlock, Salience ConsultingPresentation:Erik_Whitlock_Salience_FINAL.pdf
Dr Olaf Nielinger, Detecon InternationalPresentation:Olaf_Nielinger_Detecon_International.pdf
Eng. Ibrahim Al-Mawali, TRA OmanPresentation:Ibrahim_Al-Mawaly_TRA_FINAL.pdf
Lunch Break & Networking
Efficient FTTH Network Deployment
Efficient FTTH Network Deployment – The Latest Trends, Methodologies and Solutions- (Sponsors session)

This section will present the real-world experience from global players in the industry about the latest technologies and solutions to deliver ultrafast broadband to the homes and in the homes  using Fiber and multi technology methodologies

Moderator:Hartwig Tauber, FTTH Council EuropePresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Bader Saud Mohammed Al Zaidi, OmantelPresentation:Bader_Al_Zaidi_Omantel.pdf
Pär Cedergren, EricssonPresentation:Par_Cedergren_Ericsson.pdf
Alessandro Pirri, Prysmian GroupPresentation:Alessandro_Pirri_Prysmian_Group.pdf
WORLD of APPLICATIONS Tour (Followed by Cocktail Reception)

Learning how to monetise the pipe with demonstrations of applications and content.
It is vitally important to recognize how revenues can be generated from new capacities and speeds in the network.
This section will look at cutting-edge applications and best practice from around the world.

11 November 2015

The Talk Show – Live debate about the World of Fibre
The Talk Show – Live debate about the World of Fibre - The fixed broadband future Is FIBRE and it is Now!

  • Why fibre is becoming a vital part of mobile networks? – not just for base stations but for offloading 4G & 5G data
  •  From copper to fibre - the total picture of how to get gigabit speed by migrating your network from copper to fibre.
  • Learn more about the challenges, options and evolution paths you can take in the real world between G.Fast, VDSL, vectoring vs. FTTH to connect homes instantly with gigabit power
  • Fibre to the Wireless! What is it?
Moderator:Richard Jones, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Smart Cities – The Transformation to Smart Homes and Life
Why Infrastructure Is Key

Smart homes and the Internet of Things are paving the way to the rise of Smart Cities. They will sit on the nervous system created through solid ICT infrastructure and fibre coverage. 
This section will explore the role of FTTH and FTTx as the nervous system transforming countries to smart cities 

Moderator:Ammar Sabbagh, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Jaume Salvat, AggarosPresentation:Jaume_Salvat_aggaros.pdf
Shajahan Iqbal, FTTH Council APACPresentation:Sha_Iqbal_APAC.pdf
Coffee Break & Networking
FTTH Power by FCGA
FTTH Power by FCGA – The Gigabit Quantum Leap - Showcasing the Global Experience of FTTH

As the fastest and future-proof technology, fibre is the only solution to deliver gigabit services. Why gigabit? This section will show the global experience of FTTH services and highlight the benefits behind the ultra-high-speed connectivity to households. You will also hear from the FTTH Council Global Alliance members.

The MENA FTTH Panorama and Broadband Studies
Considering the state of deployments in the MENA region and trends in other areas.

Moderator:Christine Beylouni, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Roland Montagne, IDATEPresentation:Roland_Montagne_IDATE.pdf
Kevin Bourg, FTTH Council AmericasPresentation:Kevin_Bourg_FTTHCAmericas.pdf
Peter Macaulay, FTTH Council APACPresentation:Peter_Macaulay_FTTHAPAC.pdf
Edgar Aker, FTTH Council EuropePresentation:Edgar_Aker_FTTHCEurope.pdf
Nelson Saito, FTTH Council LATAM ChapterPresentation:Nelson_Saito_FTTHLATAM.pdf
Lunch Break & Networking
Learn More about the Best and Future-Proof FTTH Solution for Operators, Networks and Customers
Learn More about the Best and Future-Proof FTTH Solution for Operators, Networks and Customers

Choosing the best solutions and technology for deployment and installation is a key factor for operators and networks. Choosing the best service and quality is the most important for customers. This section will discuss innovations and solutions for FTTH deployment to help decision-makers making the right and most profitable choice.

Moderator:Faiq Shahrouri, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Eng. Hussam Elgammal, Salalah Free Zone CompanyPresentation:Hussam_Elgammal_SFZCO.pdf
Martin Kellenberger, Reichle & De-MassariPresentation:Martin_Kellenberger_RDM_FINAL.pdf
Manuel Pimenta da Silva, CorningPresentation:Manuel_Da_Silva_Corning_FINAL.pdf
Roundtable Discussion
Roundtable Discussion

Group discussions and conclusion 

Moderator:Richard Jones, FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.
Closing speech
Closing speech

Closing speech by the FTTH Council MENA Chairman 

Speakers:Dr Suleiman Al-Hedaithy, Chairman FTTH Council MENAPresentation:N.A.

Thank you

for participating in the FTTH Council MENA 2015 Conference making it another huge success!

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